Hiya! I have been involved in off-roading, usually in Land Rovers or Range Rovers, for more than 40 years. This passion, allied to the fact that I was a professional Journalist for all of my working life, naturally led to writing for Off-road and Land Rover magazines. For more than 30 years now.

If you have followed my work in the magazines then you know who and what I am. If you haven’t, then here goes:

I love Land Rovers and Range Rovers and the people who are involved with them, and I love writing about them. This blog is the result. The current crop of Land Rover magazines don’t want me any moreĀ  so I’m doing it for myself … er … and you I hope (there is someone out there right ?)

I intend to write a new column every month – on the day I receive my Old Age Pension (so I can’t forget!)

…and I’ll tell you something now. Stripping a Land Rover down to the bare chassis and rebuilding it – rusty bolts and all – is a damn’ sight easier than putting this flipping website together. So if you are reading it then I managed it !

Lots of my friends who have greater knowledge about websites and blogs than me have been good enough to give me advice, but production of this site is all my own work – and all mistakes are my own.

Copyright is reserved on all words and images contained within this site, any unauthorised use of these materials is an infringement of this act.

(But if you want to use anything – with a credit to me – please ask. I’ll almost certainly grant permission)


(Caption. Two goes to get through that particular snowdrift if I remember correctly